Go from 'uh oh' to SEO in 90 minutes

From idea to upload, you'll understand SEO and leave knowing how to optimise blogs yourself (or exactly what to check if someone else is doing this for you).

  • Write Blogs Google Loves

    Understand what SEO is and how to use it as a free marketing tool

  • Save Time & Dollars

    Learn how to SEO-optimise in less than two hours, instead of outsourcing to someone like me

  • Spark New Content Ideas

    We'll choose your blogging topic and I'll show you how to source inspiration for more.

Learn SEO in just 90 minutes

Video training and screen shares walk you through the lot.

Are you sick of people telling you to blog, but not knowing why? Feel like your genius zone isn't blog writing, so you should ignore it? Tired of writing blogs that no one reads? Do you want to stop relying on the Instagram algorithm to reach more people? And pouring hours into your content only for it to sink to the bottom of the feed, your profile and even hashtag lists? If you want to write content (that doesn't expire), follow steps to help reach more people (even while you sleep) and add a long-term value-add strategy to your biz – this course is for you.
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Why does blogging matter?

When blogs (or website pages) don't feature SEO, you do all the work. It's near impossible for a new audience to discover you in Google and you've gotta do all the heavy lifting to get the word out.With SEO, your website blogs are more likely to be discovered when your potential customer needs you most.

  • Position your business as the solution to your potential customer's problem

  • Increase your chances of being discovered by potential customers outside of your network

  • Grow an online, value-add database for your customers, clients and future purchasers

  • Get more ideal peeps warmed up and ready to sign up to your opt-ins

Imagine if you could...

  • Build a marketing machine that works for you 24/7
  • Drive traffic to your website without paying for it
  • Build stronger relationships with your audience
  • Position yourself as an expert in your field
  • Know exactly what to write about
  • Quickly understand SEO basics
  • Genuinely help your audience
  • All for free

After this course, you'll:

  • Understand what SEO is

  • Know the benefits of writing SEO optimised blogs (and how to do it)

  • 'Get' key terms like meta description, keywords and alt text

  • Be armed with key tools to help discover new content ideas

  • Know how to upload a blog to a Wordpress, Shopify or Squarespace website

Course Curriculum

Stop putting off your SEO potential

Join me and we'll master it together. From uh oh to SEO in just 90 minutes!

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A complete guide on how to write click-worthy headlines, plus 50 examples

  • Bonus: The Head Line Hack Sheet ($97 value)

    As well you'll receive a cheat sheet for writing captivating headlines. Many students say they like to use these bad boys to capture attention on socials too! This includes 50 'fill in the blanks' examples.

What others are saying

Monique Hope, Campgrounds Tamworth

Now people tell us that we show up when they Google specialty coffee Tamworth, which was our goal!

Monique Hope, Campgrounds Tamworth

We were struggling to show up in Google results and people couldn't find our coffee shop because of it. I didn't even know what SEO meant. It sounded weird and hard. Dan made it so easy to understand – and fun. Now I feel confident to conquer my SEO and people tell us we come up for specialty coffee in Tamworth which was our goal! Do yourself a favour and do it! Not only will you be confident in your SEO skills afterwards you will have had a blast listening and learning from Dan who is just a fun lass. - Monique Hope, Campgrounds Tamworth
Claire McKeen, The Keen Collective

I highly recommend this for anyone new to SEO or if you are unsure about how to effectively implement it into your business!

Claire McKeen, The Keen Collective

SEO is a concept all business owners should understand and know how to implement. This course will ensure you are equipped with the knowledge that you need to know. I highly recommend this for anyone new to SEO or if you are unsure about how to effectively implement it into your business!
Jess Selwood, The Commune Space

My fave part was the tools that Danielle shows you

Jess Selwood, The Commune Space

This course is the bomb.com! Before this course I had been advised that my website was the wrong ratio of pics to words because hello graphic designer. So I decided to create a blog but quickly learned there’s more to it than just writing words. Before I completed the course I had a very basic understanding of SEO but now having completed it, I feel confident in all the sneaky areas I need to be smart with my words. My fave part(s) was the tools that Danielle shows you, very handy and also I loved that Danielle shows you how to do everything in the top 3 website platforms 👌🏼 Highly recommend.
Aimee Russo, Business Lane

Danielle explains things so well and it feels so much like your girlfriend is just having a friendly chat about SEO rather than like you’re at a really hard lecture.

Aimee Russo, Business Lane

Whenever I’d hear someone talk about SEO, I would cringe. I thought it was something super complex, and that would take a million years to understand how it all works. Enter Danielle - the sparkly rockstar unicorn of copywriting and SEO and her fab course. Not only do I now have an understanding of how SEO works, I know how to find and assess keywords, how to incorporate them into my writing and all the techy spaces on my website, I finally understand fancy words like meta data, AND I had a great time learning about all this stuff. Danielle’s approach to teaching is refreshing and I was literally laughing out loud along the way with her. Danielle explains things so well and it feels so much like your girlfriend is just having a friendly chat about SEO rather than like you’re at a really hard lecture. The Blogging Palooza is a MUST DO. I can’t wait to watch it all again!

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