Go from 'uh oh' to SEO in under 2 hours

From idea to publishing – everything you need to know about SEO for your blog

SEO can be easy

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Welcome to the beginners guide to SEO. Know exactly what SEO is and how it works, and the steps to take to quickly & correctly write content that doesn't expire – saving you time, money and frustration.
SEO can be easy

From idea to upload

A simple, fun and fast step-by-step training to go from 'uh oh' to SEO in 90 minutes, so you can write your first piece of SEO content, reach more people, grow your business and have more time for fun stuff. All without confusion, vague advice or overwhelm

DIY without the 'D'OH!'

Your step-by-step SEO course that gets you up with the lingo and steps to take in record time (90 mins, in fact!)

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